Assessment Process

Conducting an psychological or educational assessment is an in-depth and involved evaluation. It is structured in such a way to obtain the maximum amount of information in a concise, thorough manner. Evaluations are tailored to your individual situation and the process below is a general guideline. Dr. Origer helps explore your concerns and is committed to providing a thorough evaluation aimed at reaching answers to your questions. The entire assessment is conducted personally by Dr. Origer to ensure the utmost quality and care.

The assessment process begins with a phone consultation to determine your immediate needs and the appropriateness of conducting an evaluation. An in-person consultation may also be arranged.

The clinical interview is conducted with adults only. If a child is being evaluated, this ensures that Dr. Origer will remain anonymous to the child for the classroom observation. The interview session will include completing office forms, and providing a very detailed information gathering session.

If a child is being evaluated, the next step in the process is the classroom observation. Children are observed, without their knowledge, in their daily environment. Dr. Origer works with your child’s teacher to find the best time to observe the behaviors of concern. This may include observation in the class and at recess. The school visit is also an opportunity for Dr. Origer to speak in person with the teacher, ask questions, and see samples of work. In addition, the teacher will be given questionnaires appropriate to your child’s evaluation.

Testing sessions are held at Dr. Origer’s office during morning hours. A child is being evaluated during the same hours they would be attending school, rather than after school hours. This provides Dr. Origer with the most similar hours to their daily functioning, and insures the testing results are not contaminated by testing a fatigued child. Typically, Dr. Origer will meet for testing approximately 2 hours, for 3 separate sessions.

Following completion of testing and the receipt of all parent, caregiver, and teacher questionnaires, a report will be written. The feedback session with Dr. Origer is the opportunity to discuss the results of the assessment and answer questions. At this time you will be provided with recommendations, remediation suggestions, and referrals if appropriate.